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Fixed Base Wireless Solutions

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For the Home or Business Customer, OII has Client Premisis Equipment (CPE) that we install to allow users to experience the best, fastest, "Always On" internet service we have to offer. With these external, low impact, barely noticable receivers, coupled with wireless routers inside the Customer Premisis, the client has access to world class internet service at their disposal.

The Wireless Modem (external receiver) is a self contained, low profile, high-performance radio, antenna and wired router that is available for as little as $280.00 inclusive of 12% VAT Tax (includes up to 30ft of Networking cable to bring the internet into the premisis). This, coupled with a wireless router for $112.00 inclusive of 12% VAT Tax, nables the client to "share" the internet connection with multiple computers or wireless (and wired) enabled devises.


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****Installation Time, Additional Mounting Hardware and Mach Speed Service Plans Not Included****